Arellano University

2600 Legarda St Sampaloc, Manila Phone #: 734-7371/735-3215

Courses offered:

TESDA Courses Hours
Finishing Course for Legal Transcription 160 hours
Medical Transcription NC II 396 hours
Performing Arts (Song) NC II 271 hours
Health Care Services NC II 996 hours
Bread and Pastry Production NC II 141 hours
Caregiving NC II 786 hours
Food and Beverage Services NC II 356 hours

TESDA Courses by Arellano University

Arellano University is offering the following courses that are accredited by TESDA: Finishing Course for Legal Transcription, Medical Transcription NC II, Performing Arts (Song) NC II, Health Care Services NC II, Bread and Pastry Production NC II, Caregiving NC II, Food and Beverage Services NC II.

Enrollment Procedures

If you're interested in any of these courses, kindly contact Arellano University for enrollment requirements and schedules. Please prepare your highschool diploma and valid ids.

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