Interface Computer College, Inc.

Doņa Lolita Bldg. 10th Avenue, Caloocan City Phone #: 366-7271

Courses offered:

TESDA Courses Hours
Bookkeeping NC III 292 hours
Trainer Qualification Level I 264 hours
Visual Graphic Design NC III 487 hours
3D Animation NC III 1,040 hours
Computer Systems Servicing NC II 280 hours
Web Development Level II 108 hours
Creative Web Design Level II 200 hours

TESDA Courses by Interface Computer College, Inc.

Interface Computer College, Inc. is offering the following courses that are accredited by TESDA: Bookkeeping NC III, Trainer Qualification Level I, Visual Graphic Design NC III, 3D Animation NC III, Computer Systems Servicing NC II, Web Development Level II, Creative Web Design Level II.

Enrollment Procedures

If you're interested in any of these courses, kindly contact Interface Computer College, Inc. for enrollment requirements and schedules. Please prepare your highschool diploma and valid ids.

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